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Addaday Pro Massage Roller

The Pro features both the soft and medium density Surface Skin Technology (SST) and also includes a pinpoint precision gear. It allows for a versatile massage with three different levels of gears. The SST on the Pro is both soft density and medium density versions. [more]

Addaday Spikey Roller

Conventional Foam rolling only flattens the muscles and breaks down the adhesion's that form the muscle, but the SPIKEY goes further with its unique pyramid design. Spikey provides linear lengthening of tissue to give you a better roll every time. [more]

Addaday Trio

The Trio set is a part of the Addaday and Robert Forster P.T. collaboration. The balls come in three different densities that allow for different intensity massages. Multiple balls can be used simultaneously to activate different acupressure points. They can be used all over the body relieving… [more]

Addaday Type C Massage Roller

The Type C has Surface Skin Technology (SST) and a pinpoint precision gear that works on the shin, soleus and achilles. The SST on our Type C is the medium version. [more]

Addaday Type D+ Universal Roller

Place the Type D + on the floor and it becomes the perfect foot massage tool or amped up foam roller. Hold the Type D + with both hands and it becomes a powerful massage tool for the back, shoulder and legs. [more]

Addaday Type M Marble Roller

The Marble Roller is designed for easy one hand use. It feels great on the neck, arms and hand but can be used all over the body. The marbles are made of magnetic material that ancient Eastern Medicine believes helps stimulate the blood flow during massage. [more]

Addaday Type S Foot Stretch

Step on, and lean forward. and backward... And feel the stretch in those calves. We developed the Type S to be used along with any of our products for a combination of stretching and massage. This product will help stretch muscles unlike anything else out there. [more]

7 Results
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